You’ve got the music, we’ve got the know-how.

What always attracted me to Earache is that the label is disruptive and never stands still. Earache is small enough to be nimble, quickly adapting to changes in the musical landscape, and it is completely independent so answers to no-one. 

Three years in the making, Earache Digital Distribution is arguably the company’s biggest pivot in its 35 year history, marking a new chapter for us as a hybrid label. Earache Digital Distribution is so much more than digital distribution – it’s a place where we can begin working together and see how we get along. It is our development space where both parties get to see how we fit together while you keep 100% of your copyrights and all your royalties. 

We speak with experience – for 35 years and over 700 releases, Earache Records  (our sister company) has released numerous Top 10 charting albums across the globe and even had a brief partnership with Sony. We’ve taken bar bands to Brixton Academy and helped shape metal and alternative music as you know it today. And now with Earache Digital Distribution (EDD) we can offer you a chance to work together, wherever you might be in your career.  EDD is a solution for everyone.

At Earache Digital Distrbibution, you’ll speak directly to staff at management level and we will tailor the growth of our platform to your needs. Within our team we have expertise in A&R, campaign and career building, manufacture & production, marketing and running a £1m+ a year webstore. Before Earache I personally promoted concerts up to arena level and our team currently curates festival stages for Glastonbury, Boomtown and Kendal Calling. We know how to help.

We won’t promise anything we can’t deliver; no promises of Rap Caviar or Kick Ass Metal playlisting on day one to reel bands in. We promise to help you build a career based on sustainable growth. We’re in it for the long haul and we want you to be too.

Tim Bailey

Head Of Label / General Manager 

Earache Records & EDD

My label Earache Records has spent the last 10 years placing artists in the UK Top 40 chart, mostly blues rock and hard rock newcomers.

After 35 years in the music business I’ve experienced many changes along the way, so Earache has chosen to become a hybrid label, maybe the first established record company to do so.

As well as offering traditional record deals to a few selected bands, we now combine a new method so we can work with masses of acts, offering anyone world-wide digital distribution only, no rights change hands, keep all your royalties,plus  tap into our knowledge and contacts along the way- introducing Earache Digital Distribution (EDD).

This is not just about digital distribution to Apple, Spotify, Amazon and the rest, that’s available anywhere now. We offer all EDD artists access to our knowledge and guidance to help your career. We hire and work with many of the best people in the music industry and we make our contacts available to all. From Grammy-winning record producers to world-class art designers and expert marketeers and promotions/PR firms, I vouch for all of them, making them within easy reach to you, as an artist on Earache Digital Distribution. Join us.

Digby Pearson

Founder EDD

Earache Distro