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I’ve used many different distribution platforms in the past and although they have all generally ticked the box, I find the faceless nature of the big digital distributors really frustrating especially when things go wrong. 

I was delighted to work with Earache to digitally distribute my new album Shining in the Half Light . Not only was the back end really simple to use, but Rich and Tim were always on hand to help and answer all my questions. I felt very supported from the off and it was wonderful having the Earache team working closely with my own label Outlaw Music to maximise this release and get some playlist support not only from Spotify but also from Apple Music.



We loved moving to Earache Digital Distribution for our music simply because they provide a much deeper level of customer service than any of the other digital providers that we’ve ever worked with in the past. The platform’s easy to use and they deliver exceptionally fast to stores. There’s also the benefit of working with a partner that has Label resources at their disposal which other platforms can’t compete with.



‘Having released 2 previous albums via an independent label achieving 10 million + streams across DSP’s we were looking for a new label services partner who shared our vision for Rews and had the capability and expertise in the rock genre to support us in maximising the opportunity with this new album release. 

We spoke to a number of interested parties however Tim and his team at EDD stood out immediately. They were enthusiastic about Rews, understood our vision and have an undoubted track record in delivering success in the rock genre. Their new EDD model is hugely exciting and perfect for our needs and we look forward to the exciting journey ahead as part of the Earache family.’


Earache Digital Distribution has been an absolute godsend for our latest album launch. As our first full-scale digital release, we had certain hopes and expectations for how we were going to get it out there; Earache’s distro platform and the team behind it exceeded all of them. 

It couldn’t have been easier getting the album uploaded, properly labelled, processed and registered to all the services that matter the most. The communication and efficiency was everything you’d expect and more (big respect to the team!), and now that the record’s out there we have total control over it. 

With access to some incredible tools and analytics, we’re able to adapt to who’s listening to us, where and how, on a smooth and intuitive interface. Couldn’t be more pleased to have made the move and be a part of this platform.


“Presenting your music on a digital platform is a necessity in this game now more than ever, and Earache have stepped onto the field with an intuitive platform that gives artists all the tools they need to edit, upload and preview all aspects of their work before release day. With consolidated links both for presaves and direct streaming after release day, as well as a responsive team behind the scenes, Earache have it all covered so you can focus on the music.”

Rob Giles – Bassist


“Earache Digital Distribution provides artists with a quick and easy to use platform for their catalogue of music. It offers a new model of support for independent music creatives, helping them to reach new audiences and fans whilst retaining control of their music. It is a model other record labels can undoubtedly learn from.”



We recently partnered with Earache for my artist The Nocturnal Affair and my experience working with Tim Bailey, Jeni Lambert, Al Dawson, the Earache Records Team, and their new Earache Digital Distribution platform has been nothing short of amazing. Everything has been so streamlined and simple with setting up The Nocturnal Affair’s full length album (Meta)morphasis.

From implementing Facebook ad campaigns to YouTube ads and features, the team has been very helpful, professional, meticulous, and streamlined. I can’t thank them enough and the results speak for themselves!

The Nocturnal Affair camp and I are proud to have Earache as a label partner and we look forward to launching more projects together in the future.


Uploading my music and releasing it through Earache Digital Distribution has been instrumental to my success as a completely new artist to the metal scene.

The pre-save links give me the opportunity to get my music to as many people as possible in advance, as well the ease of using the platform means even that if things don’t go my way, I can turn around a release quickly. 

The technical and marketing support I’ve received from the Earache team has also been invaluable to my releases, correcting errors in days instead of weeks, and helping my music reach more people than I could do by myself.
100% recommend!

Earache Distro