Q: How much does Earache Digital Distribution cost?
A: Earache Digital Distribution is free to sign up. It costs £5 GBP per year to have a single (1-3 tracks) released on stores and £15 GBP per year for an album (4-100 tracks), renewable annually.

Q: Do I keep 100% of my rights and royalties?
A: We take a 10% cut of royalties to help cover operational costs, but you will keep 100% of your rights at all times. You can read the full terms of service here.

Q: What if I want to move to Earache Digital Distribution from another distributor?
A: This is absolutely possible and easier than you think! Please read our guide on transferring your music from another distributor here.

Q: How can I make sure I’m ready for my release?
A: We’ve put together a useful release checklist to help you get set up and make sure you have everything in place here.

Q: I’ve already released my music but I don’t know my track ISRCs – how can I find them?
A: If you have the link to your song on Spotify, you can find your ISRC codes with this helpful tool available here.

Q: How can I set up artist profiles on digital platforms?
A: Setting up your own artist profiles is helpful to ensure a strong online presence and help increase your reach. Follow our guide on setting up your artist profiles here.

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